Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Atomic Legacy-Nuclear Dead Babies

This is how they were posed before being NUKED.
As we move ever closer to getting this project up and running in a big way, it will be shown publicly we are hoping this coming week at the Indian Point relicensing meeting, there has been some slack about the theme. People find it harsh, in your face, our accusations of nuclear energy amounting to an abortion machine akin to feat mongering. Others wonder where we came up with the idea for the Indian Point Dead Baby World Tour.

There are several reasons to have settled on this theme, including Elena incredibly heart wrenching photographs of the fallout area in and around Chernobyl, and the abandoned dolls she has come across in her travels.

Another crucial reason for the Nuclear Dead Baby, is that dolls have been a part of the horror that is nuclear from the very beginning of the supposed Friendly Atom. If you research old photographs from the various and assorted atomic tests in the name of military/commercial atomic energy, research the Friendly Atom, you'll find dolls were a routine participant in those early days. Their gruesome poses, haunting expression adding a surreal reality to the message that nuclear kills. As our campaign moves along, we'll share many of these photographs with our readers, but tonight, thought I would share a peek into the dolls long involvement in the Nuclear Industry, by introducing you to Priscilla and some of the members of her family who were forced, like many of our soldiers to endure nuclear bomb testing under the guise of the Friendly Atom and CHEAP ELECTRICITY.

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