Sunday, June 17, 2007

Heading Off To Day Two at Clearwater Festival

The hour is late, and these old bones are growing weary, but we have work that must be done, so about to head off to the second day of the annual Clearwater Festival over in Croton on The Hudson. We had a good day yesterday, collecting a significant number of signatures for various petitions and actions we have going. So, sore and weary, we push our limits, reach down to find that well spring of adrenilin needed to move the ball further down the field in our efforts to close one aging, failing reactor. Before I leave though, I offer up one fund raising idea, in the hopes that many who read this blog will embrace it, own it by passing it on. We need money to hire experts, to retain attorneys to keep up the good fight, and I am hoping to find those funds one reader, one person at a time.



Background: Indian Point Nuclear Plant is located just 24-miles from New York City, 3 miles from West Point. It is the only nuclear plant in the country surrounded by 21 million people. There is no possible evacuation plan for the area. Indian Point is aging, corroding and leaking radioactive waste into the groundwater and the Hudson River.

Indian Point is also recognized to be one of the most attractive terrorist targets in the nation. (American flight 11 soared right by it minutes before smashing into the World Trade Center.)

Entergy, the owner/operator of Indian Point, now wants to squeeze every dollar of profit out of this aging plant and has filed an application to keep it operating 20 years beyond its expiration in 2013 for Indian Point 2 and 2015 for Indian Point 3. Instead of protecting the public health and safety, the NRC protects the profits of the nuclear industry.

CURRENT SITUATION: Green Nuclear Butterfly is a grassroots alliance that is working on legal grounds which could prevent the granting of new licenses for Indian Point's two deteriorating and dangerous nuclear reactors. We need your help because we only have a small window to challenge the license application and we need to be able to pay for, office expenses, expert witnesses and legal fees.

PLEASE JUST DONATE $1 (or whatever you can give) to help us win this battle.
Please memo your check "LEGAL FUND" and send it to Green Nuclear Butterfly c/o Sherwood Martinelli, 351 Dyckman Street, Peekskill, New York 10566.

Share this letter with/article with your friends and family, help us activate the populace. If every man, woman and child were to send us just one dollar, we have a real shot at successfully halting the relicensing of this facility.

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