Thursday, June 7, 2007

Updates As We Prepare To Launch The Indian Point Dead Baby World Tour

The Abandoned Ferris Wheel After Chernobyl
So far, the Indian Point Dead Baby World Tour is meeting with a tremendous amount of positive feedback as we prepare to launch, and fine tune the message we want to get out to the world regarding the dangers of nuclear power, enriched uranium, and the entire nuclear waste stream including spent fuel rods, and depleted uranium.

We already have four people that want dolls, are ready to do a photographic spread for our blog. The dolls in fact will start right off being well traveled, as we have one going to Florida, and a brilliant photographer has offered to take one with him when he makes his next trip to Germany. There is an antique store having a huge sale this weekend, and I'll be going shopping to secure our first dolls, and we have one person who has committed to send us a doll, so we hope by next weekend to have our Dead Babies making their first tentative steps into the world as they represent the lives Nuclear Energy denies many children who are never born.

One of the things we have decided to refine, is we want to feature articles whenever possible to go with the photographs...articles about people living in danger zones around various nuclear facilities, both here in American and abroad. Human interest stories who attribute family deaths and/or cancers to exposure to radiation, including soldiers back from Iraq who have been exposed to the ills associated with depleted uranium.

Nuclear Energy is the invisible killer, as it routinely emits radiation into our air and water, harming the health of those (particularly children and the elderly) who live even many miles away. Contrary to what the NRC, DOE, DOD, NEI and the nuclear industry would have us believe, it is not a GREEN energy source, and will not solve Global Warming.
"Nuclear radiation kills quietly... The tragic truth is it may take a large-scale accident to get through to the daily media and much of the public."
David Proctor

If you would like to donate and old, tattered, well worn baby doll to our Indian Point Dead Baby Tour, or make a donation, please mail same to:

Entergy's Indian Point Dead Baby Tour

C/O Sherwood Martinelli

351 Dyckman Street

Peekskill, New York 10566

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